Ralph Lauren’s Car Collection at the Louvre


While I was in Paris, I saw Ralph Lauren’s car collection at the Louvre. Each car was so perfectly restored that a few featured confident, historically accurate imperfections. Ralph Lauren is a genius marketer because he’s tells you a story that he’s not one at all — just a storyteller.

Writes the Wall Street Journal about Ralph Lauren’s car collection at the Louvre:

“I ask him if this epic collection of automobiles might be seen as merely part of the larger Ralph Lauren brand’s image machine. Why? Well, because the exhibit’s catalogue (in French only) is on sale in Ralph Lauren boutiques, for one thing. Because I’d overheard a lot of rag-trade business being discussed at the gala, and not so much about cars. And because not infrequently Mr. Lauren’s great cars—notably the Atlantic and the ‘Count Trossi’ SSK—have appeared in advertisements with himself as a model, further blurring the line between man and brand.

‘It’s not a machine,’ he reproves me, in a beautiful, rich whisper. ‘Why is it a machine? You’re cynical… Everything I do and everything I love I put into this company and I have done it with integrity…. I didn’t buy the Bugatti because I thought it would be great for my ads. Now, I have used the cars in my ads because they’re part of the world I’m designing…’ “



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