“These Machines Kill Fascists” Pencils


These Machines Kill Fascists Pencils

“These Machines Kill Fascists” pencils are charming, and somewhat ironically, because the un-techie tool makes me long for a little anti-democracy, for an Age of Innocence, for when the barrier to entering the public world of written word went beyond access to an online email machine.

And let’s put my BA degree in Pseudo-Intellectual Masturbation to work, let’s discuss how these “These Machines Kill Fascists” pencils have a point beyond their sharpened tip, only let’s not forget that fascists often own the machines that make the machines that kill fascists.

Yes, let’s not — only not now. Because those are 140 characters for another time — I’ve got to update my German Shepherd Major Dukes’s Facebook page

These Machines Kill Fascists Pencils

These Machines Kill Fascists Pencils

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