Atlas Shrugged-Inspired No. 2 Pencils


Atlas Shrugged-Inspired No. 2 Pencils

So Ayn Rand actually intended for her novels to work as right-wing political propaganda. But I’m so over the products of an amazing mind being hijacked by people who assume Ayn was and rhymes with “man,” who have no idea that Alisa Rosenbaum was a Jewish chick who watched her family ruined by the Russian Revolution, escaped to New York in her early 20s during the late, frothy 1920s, and would write for days straight without sleep or food, but with her little helper Benzedrine.

But WWJD? Jesus would make vaguely Buddhist, subtly commie comments, flip over tables in temples, and curse his disciples.

Then slay a giant T. rex nicknamed Goliath…

One thought on “Atlas Shrugged-Inspired No. 2 Pencils

  1. You don’t have to agree with her politics to love her books. Ayn Rand wrote some of the greatest characters of all time. Her characters are true to themselves.

    Now is an interesting time to look at “Atlas Shrugged”. It is about a time when mediocrity has taken over America and the great industrialists, those who create, are disappearing. We just witnessed some of the top mediocrity Washington DC has ever witnessed. The Republican party does not practice Objectivism.

    Where can I buy those pencils?

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