Atlas Shrugged-Inspired No. 2 Pencils


Atlas Shrugged-Inspired No. 2 Pencils

So Ayn Rand actually intended for her novels to work as right-wing political propaganda. But I’m so over the products of an amazing mind being hijacked by people who assume Ayn was and rhymes with “man,” who have no idea that Alisa Rosenbaum was a Jewish chick who watched her family ruined by the Russian Revolution, escaped to New York in her early 20s during the late, frothy 1920s, and would write for days straight without sleep or food, but with her little helper Benzedrine.

But WWJD? Jesus would make vaguely Buddhist, subtly commie comments, flip over tables in temples, and curse his disciples.

Then slay a giant T. rex nicknamed Goliath…

2 thoughts on “Atlas Shrugged-Inspired No. 2 Pencils

  1. You don’t have to agree with her politics to love her books. Ayn Rand wrote some of the greatest characters of all time. Her characters are true to themselves.

    Now is an interesting time to look at “Atlas Shrugged”. It is about a time when mediocrity has taken over America and the great industrialists, those who create, are disappearing. We just witnessed some of the top mediocrity Washington DC has ever witnessed. The Republican party does not practice Objectivism.

    Where can I buy those pencils?

  2. CONTRADICTION of ATLAS SHRUGGEDThe Contradiction or stumbling block of Rand’s ploposihhy, the ploposihhy of Objectivism is found in her metaphysics. Rand proves an objective reality that includes volition, which is not so easily proven.After spending weeks on an objective validation of the existence of volition, and finally satisfied that this was possible, the need remained to examine the nature of volition, and particularly as it is distinguishable from or in the context of objective reality. To this day, and to my knowledge, the adherents of Objectivism have never explored or discussed this in sufficient depth.Using a computer software metaphor, it’s as though the main menu included metaphysics, and the metaphysics menu included objective reality and volition, but when volition was punched in, nothing came up on the menu.What I want to point out here is that, not only does morality hang on the existence of volition, but theology as well. For my part, I could not escape the parallels between the classical attributes of God, and the attributes of volition, even by Objectivist standards.Ignoring for the moment the difficulties of quantum physics, objective reality is like balls on a billiard table – they have no choice, no volition. Non-contradictory volition, on the other hand, has the power of an irresistible force as well as an immovable object. It is just here that the line between the dust and the divine becomes blurred.Clarity begins to be possible when we begin to understand this that was written before Rand came along, namely that man was made in the image of God.Once we get this matter of Rand’s contradiction resolved it becomes possible to see, appreciate, and embrace what Rand brings to the table where our need to understand human liberty is concerned. It is in understanding her contradiction that we discover why so many of her followers, including Rand herself made a train wreck out of human relationships, especially the relationship of marriage.

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