Organic Coconut Oil for Hair, by Jarrow Formulas


Organic Coconut Oil for Hair by Jarrow Formulas

My hair stylist Sally Saito turned me onto Moroccanoil before it was cool, but I’ve ditched it in favor of organic coconut oil (yep, the same you’d cook with. And I mean you — I don’t cook). A rain drop-sized amount of coconut oil kills frizz better than Moroccanoil (or too-heavy, ancient-beauty-secret argan oil, which is Moroccanoil’s marketing magic ingredient [their real secret sauce is cosmetic-grade silocones]).

Organic coconut oil has been proven to penetrate your hair’s cuticle like no other conditioner, makes a great body and face moisturizer during winter, and my German Shedder Shepherd Major Dukes eats it to keep his hair glossy.

The only way I’d feel better about using organic coconut oil for my hair is if it cost $199 a jar. Paying $9.99 for a hair product is just ridick…

One thought on “Organic Coconut Oil for Hair, by Jarrow Formulas

  1. wow – you so read my mind with this post. i read about it on one of my fave blogs erliaer this year, then when i was at the drug store erliaer this week i spotted it on the shelf (didn’t buy it)…and now in the past 2 days i’ve seen it blogged on a handful of blogs. i hear great things but i’m not sure how it works on black (african-american) hair? i’ll have to go do some google research :)

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