Francois Pinton “Jacky 2” Sunglasses


Francois Pinton Jacky 2 Sunglasses

I’ve worn black Francois Pinton “Jacky 2” sunnies everyday for over four years. While in Paris, I decided it was time for change: after popping into a Francois Pinton boutique and trying on tons of sunnies, I snagged tortoiseshell Francois Pinton “Jacky 2” sunglasses. The rust-colored lenses dust every scene into dusk, including a dawn bike ride alongside the Seine, and — the Chunnel and a day later — a noon walk through Hyde Park.

As much as I prefer blue-tinted sunglasses, there’s something about life looking like a perpetual sunset. I keep hearing the song, “Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think…”

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