1Q84 Kindle Edition


1Q84 Kindle Edition

Translations always stiffen a story — local settings blur into blank spots on a foreign map, characters are stripped of their cultural context, and a narrator’s conversation with a reader is distilled of comfortable connotations.

While I felt compelled to finish Haruki Murakami’s hyped novel, I skipped pages without missing much, and wondered why, if 1Q84 gets Nobel Prize buzz, Stephen King hasn’t won plenty of Pulitzers. (Murakami’s device of name-dropping obscure symphonies and Russian lit would mean more if one was trying to get laid in a Brooklyn cafe, and the last Pirates of the Caribbean was harshly criticized, not high-fived, for having characters without clear motivation.)

Maybe I would have enjoyed 1Q84 more in its original Japanese.

Mostly as I can’t read Japanese…

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  1. Just came across this observation and had to comment….I felt exactly the same way about the book and pushed myself to get to the end of the 1040 page tome feeling terribly disappointed that I never fully understood the motivations for the main characters or the meaning behind many of the ‘clues’ regarding the music, etc. Glad I’m not alone since I suspected I might have missed something….

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