How to Get Perfect Skin in 14 Days, for Less than $105


How to Get Perfect Skin in 14 Days, for Less than $105 My perfect skincare kit on the go…

All that other ish you’ve been slopping on your face is a waste of time and money. I’ve tried skincare products designed by doctors in 90210, age-old Japanese brands, and Frenchies — they don’t work.

I’ve figured out the most effective way to get perfect skin in 14 days, for less than 10 minutes a day, with products totaling less than $105

AM Routine to Get Clear Skin in 14 Days

Cost: $64, and five minutes

  1. Boots Expert Sensitive Cleansing and Toning Wipes ($16 for 2) are like Patrick Swazye in Dirty Dancing: strong, but gentle. No one puts Baby in the corner, but they should spritz on…
  2. Nu Skin Napca Moisture Mist ($15). You could also use a cotton pad to apply this alcohol-free toner, which is full of skin-identical ingredients and anti-inflmamatory niacinamide. While your face is still wet, wipe on…
  3. Reviva 10% Glycolic Acid Night Cream ($18). Creamy enough to lock in moisture, though you may feel some tingling when you put this on, and not in your pants (unless you’re still thinking Swayze). Let it dry, before you apply…
  4. Obagi Physical UV Block SPF 32 ($15). I use latex-free cosmetic wedges to pat this sun block on, as it’s rather thick and might make you a pretty shade of pale blue if you don’t smooth it on carefully. It’s worth the work, though, as it’s hypoallergenic, contains 18% zinc oxide (the best sun block), and has a fancy French name.

PM Routine to Get Clear Skin in 14 Days

Cost: $40, five minutes

  1. Boots Expert Sensitive Cleansing and Toning Wipes ($16 for 2) will wipe away all your makeup. Wait 15 minutes for your skin to dry, before you apply…
  2. 0.025% Tretinoin Cream ($25). Tretinoin is just generic Retin-A, the only proven wrinkle fighter. You’ll want to apply the thinnest layer possible. If you’ve never used Retin-A before, start by using 0.01% tretinoin every other day, and brace yourself for face dandruff.
  3. Nadinola Skin Discoloration Fade Cream ($20 for 3) is hydroquinone, which lightens skin and fades spots. (Despite what you may have heard, hydroquinone is considered safe by most derms, so long as you only use hydroquinone for three months at a time, then give your skin a break for three months.  Three months on, three months off.)

Et, voila.

If you’ve still got blemishes after trying this recipe for perfect skin in 14 days, try going off dairy for two weeks. Still no luck? Try going off gluten for two weeks.

You should wear sun block every day, anyway, but espesh while using tretinoin, hydroquinone, and glycolic acid, which all increase sun-sensitivity.

Pssst.  I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on web TV.  But if you’ve never used tretinoin, hydroquinone, or glycolic acid before, or if your skin is too sensitive for this regimen, try using the tretinoin, hydroquinone, and glycolic acid every other day, on alternating days. If your skin is clearly irritated by any of these products, stop using them and see a dermatologist.

6 thoughts on “How to Get Perfect Skin in 14 Days, for Less than $105

  1. Hydroquinone may help, but the best thing is a little Juvederm, administered by a very experienced doctor (not nurse!).


  2. Love it! As an (overly simple) skin care regimen girl myself, I might have to try a few things on this list. Most people apply about 1/3-1/2 of the sunscreen amount required to reach the SPF on the label. I agree that physical blockers can appear ashy so a micronized form or mineral form is also worth a shot. You are right about the retina and sometime people may only be able to use it once a week. Hope to see you soon and collaborate!

  3. Well, clear skin is subjective. There’s no actual routine for perfect skin because each people’s skin can react differently to the ingredients and types of formulations of skincare products, even a bunch of people can react different to one single product. I’ve seen people getting so much troubles with AHAs, others getting sensitive skin thanks to the use of wipes, others watching how their oily skins got worse while using oil-free products, and all that kind of things. I personally believe your routine will achieve “clear” skin for some people but with a dry and irritated skin bonus.

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