Mini Jar of Vaseline “Lip Therapy”


Mini Jar of Vaseline Lip Therapy
You could buy a 2.5 ounces of easy-to-use, mess-free squeezable tube of Vaseline for $2, but —

Why would you, when you could pay twice as much for less than half the amount of petroleum jelly, packaged in a slightly inconvenient, incredibly beguiling, miniature Vaseline jar?

Note: White gold pinkie “K” ring and yellow gold President watch are for size comparison and vacuous aspirational marketing purposes only; while these items may easily be confused with props in a pre-The Blueprint 3 Jay-Z music video, they are not included with purchase of miniature Vaseline jar, even though said Vaseline jar may be mentioned in lyrics that may referencing a person being a “CE ho, not CEO” and may or may not be perceived as sexually demeaning in audio of said music video.

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