Fleur du Mal Launch Party


Fleur du Mal launch party
Panties for dinner…

FleurduMal.com launch party
And bodysuits on vintage studded hangers

Last night was the launch party for Fleur du Mal, the new ready-to-wear and lingerie line by Jennifer Zuccarini, former design director at Victoria’s Secret and co-founder of Kiki de Montparnasse. Kind of like Kiki, the hand-crafted brand bloomed from Jennifer’s interest in cultivating seduction, versus simply selling sex.

In line with that ideal is how each item mixes and matches: lingerie looks like ready-to-wear and ready-to-wear reads like lingerie. A hand-stitched tulle bodysuit works with tuxedo pants, or just as well alone after you’ve slipped the slacks off. A leather bra belongs under a sheer silk blouse. The “Essential Slip” could essentially be worn as a dress.

Fleur du Mal translates into “flower of evil,” and I forgot to ask Jennifer if it was a reference to books of poetry by the same name that were printed in the 19th century and banned in France until 1949 for their sensuality, but not before Victor Hugo could declare them “un nouveau frisson” (a new shudder, a new thrill)…

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