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My passions in life are writing and beauty, and combining the two in storytelling — whether that translates into my interior design work, or my first novel, The Sworn Virgin, about a young woman striving to be an artist in the brutal world she lives in.

I worship beautiful things, and I love how the items of your life storytell — your taste gives a taste of your lifestyle, your personality, your philosophy about living.

So what does it mean that I’m blogging about obscure Jean-Michel Frank lighting fixtures, wearing Italian five-inch heels, and hating the latest It bag?

You decide. But I see a certain luxury in it — not in any price tag, but in paring the products in your life down to what brings you pure pleasure.

This isn’t mindless materialism, but enjoying the physical expression of intelligence, of soul.

Yeah, that’s exactly how I’d describe the obscure copper and bronze Japanese bud vase only I notice.


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Kristopher Dukes has been a nationally published writer since high school, and has contributed to the bestselling book series Written in the Dirt and fashion bible WWD. Kristopher’s writing has been featured in  Elle.com, VOGUE.fr, NY Times.com, Fast Company, Forbes.com, South Bay Magazine, Angeleno, Kirkus, and Amazon’s Book Review.

Kristopher’s interior design work has been highlighted in Dwell and South Bay magazine.

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