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French Vogue, December 20, 2006

fashion writer kristopher in french vogue

Who are you?
I’m a girl named KRiSTOPHER, and I’m barely old enough to legally enjoy champagne martinis. I’ve been freelancing since I was 15, and by the time I was 21 I had contributed to WWD, Yahoo! News,, FWD, SHOP, Teen Ink’s bestselling book series, and more. I started blogging earlier this year as a means to self-publish and to have virtual soy latte and shopping dates with my readers.

What is your relation to fashion?
I’m a fashion writer, both print and web. For five minutes I was a music journalist in my teens, then I decided to focus on fashion. Getting paid to write about skyscraper heels and beautiful bags sounded lovely.

When and how did you start blogging?
I started blogging regularly in February 2006. Before that, my site existed as an online portfolio for my freelance writing. I started blogging as a way to self-publish – the bigger and better the publications I wrote for were, the less I was able to write in my own voice.

What is your blog motto?

I’m all about “Ooh la love.”

Can you tag its main topics?
Five-inch heels, It bags, and designer jewelry, with the occasional post about my love for almost all things mink. I’m courting PETA love.

What was your blog moment of glory?
Getting an email from you! Made my Friday, doll. It was also fun to get profiled in WWDAccessories, to be on the other editorial side that fashion bible.

What was your year 2006’s favorite fashion moments?
In general, I’m enjoying seeing this celebration of design, of mass retailers partnering with big and small designers to produce smart looks for ladies on a budget.

Which are your favorite fashion magazines in the world?
I love French Vogue. Really. And American Vogue, W, and Does Conde Nast love me more?

How many hours do you spend blogging on a daily basis?

I probably spend an hour and a soy latte a day on KRiSTOPHER, and I also blog for fashion democracy Top Button and shopcast network ThisNext.

How many visitors come daily on your blog?
About a grand.

What is your blog income? And your 2007 forecast?
Right now it keeps me in designer heels. In 2007, I’d like it to take me to Paris, to visit you.

Have you already get ticket to attend fashion shows?
I’ve covered a couple of New York fashion shows for Fashion Wire Daily, when I freelanced more; I stopped by Los Angeles’s fashion week for five minutes this fall. I actually prefer reviewing the shows online – I don’t like sitting and waiting, or wasting any time.

How do you see bloggers’ future?
I think blogging will become more mainstream, and subject to the same editorial and professional standards print glossies are called to (like not borrowing photos, skirting slander and libel, fact checking, etc.).

Who are fellows bloggers you appreciate the most?
The Manolo ( is very smart and a pioneer, and I also love all the Shiny Shiny fashion ladies. So sweet, such super boss ladies, they’re like the Oprahs of fashion blogging – they’re your girlfriends, they care.

Any comment to add?
Merci beaucoup, doll.

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