Esartia Jewelry

Published on, June 2005

Esartia translates literally as “this is one a kind,” finding roots in designer Khatia Esartia’s Georgian heritage of careful craftsmanship and American innovation, defining itself by two lines, Guruli and Megreli.

In Guruli, buttery lambskin wraps around wrists for feminine leather cuffs, adorns fingers for unusual rings, layers hoops for distinctive earrings and pendant necklaces. Topped with polished jade, carnelian, opal, quartz, and Swarovski crystal, the smoothest stones meet the softest leather for a gritty elegance.

In Megreli, clusters of onyx, coral, limestone, and carnelian drip to make waterfall earrings and necklaces, bunches of jade, garnet, pearl, serpentine, quartz, and opal end in a disk of quartz or polished pendant of jade for unique Y-necklaces and drop earrings. The natural shapes are strung together with 10k and 14k gold wire, highlighting the designs’ organic elegance.

More than moving between night and day, Guruli and Megreli flow between downtown chic and uptown artistry, connecting urban elegance and unusual architecture to natural polish and organic shapes, constructing the one-of-a-kindness of Esartia.

For Guruli’s and Megreli’s full collections, visit

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