Love for Kristopher Dukes

“Kristopher Dukes win[s] wide praise in the fashion world…” Claire Cain Miller

“[KRISTOPHER DUKES .com is] a tightly edited daily glam fest of Dukes’ top choices in high heels, jewelry and bags.”
wwd Cate Corcoran, Technology Editor

Five-inch heels, It bags, and designer jewelry, with the occasional post about love for almost all things mink. [Kristopher is] courting PETA love.”

“Kristopher Dukes equals rising star. Like few others, she understands the power of citizen’s media, SEO, and the power of wearing six-inch heels with confidence. Kristopher is sure to be a major player in the new, ever-faster world where fashion meets technology. Anna Wintour is toast.
ThisNext Gordon Gould, CEO

“Kristopher’s conscientiousness, quick eye, and subject matter are evidence enough of a stylish bent, but it’s her clever, incisive writing that really makes those pink letters rock. Demystifying high falutin’ fashion while maintaining its magic can’t be easy. No wonder she downs all that coffee.”
CitySearch Cadien Clark, Los Angeles City Editor

“Don’t let the talk of soy lattes and fur coats fool you — Kristopher Dukes is as comfortable bantering with blinged out celebs on the red carpet as she is spotting unknown but talented designers.
FWD Renata Espinosa, Managing Editor

“At an age when I was discovering pot, Kristopher was discovering a focused creative vision. Several years later, while incomprehensibly still a teenager, she contacted me and I was introduced to an enviably articulate, strikingly self-confident, hungry new writer who had already passed me by but was literally too young to get into the right parties. I suspect executive-level politics, international celebrity or the cultivation of a Didion-esque cultural shadow are more her speed, so, magazine editors, get in touch with her while you can.
Metropop Cory O’Malley, Former Editor

“Kristopher is a sharp, flexible and witty writer with exquisite taste in pop culture and a work ethic that doesn’t quit. I hope she hires me someday.”
Bop Paul Gaita, Editor

“The incomparable Kristopher Dukes… the saucy firecracker [with] daily musings on being a pint-sized, heel-wearing, soy latte-drinking bad ass living in Los Angeles.”

“Fashion writer, soy latte addict and blogger extraordinaire, Kristopher Dukes is one determined lady.
Catwalk Queen

“Kristopher knows where real world meets runway, and where journalism meets entertainment.
Top Button Michael Feldman, President

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