Interior Design

Kitchen area of a 1980s Ray Kappe house, as featured in Dwell

The backyard of the 1930s beach bungalow, as featured in Dwell

I approach interior design like writing: I want to tell a compelling story while creating a world worth escaping into.

And just like writing, I find the characters are the most vital element. A home should exist as a reflection of the characters’ inner lives; your home is your setting to living.

With that in mind, I start each interior design project listening to what drew you to your home, understanding how you enjoy it, and learning about the context of your house. My goal is to work with you to fuse and distill these elements in an organic way that allows you to enjoy your home as much as possible.

Have a project you’d like to talk about? I’d love to hear from you. Shoot me an email.

Master bathroom of a 1980s Ray Kappe house, as featured in Dwell

The master bathroom of the 1950s beach cottage, as featured in Southbay

Sliding panels hide the kitchen of the 1930s beach bungalow, as featured in Dwell

My interest in interior design began while renovating a 1930s beach bungalow with my husband (which turned into one of the most popular stories on, but I became really passionate when my husband and I bought a house designed by Ray Kappe in 1983. After meeting with interior designers and architects who wanted to contemporarize the house and change it structurally, I realized the the house only needed to be purified and simplified to shake off some superficial dated details and make it as timeless as possible. So I taught myself 3D-modeling software and designed the house’s cabinetry, custom furniture, bathrooms, kitchen, etc. I introduced myself to Ray Kappe and got his blessing for the renovation. We moved in in less than a year, and the house ended up published in Dwell.

That project led to renovating a 1950s beach cottage (featured in Southbay magazine). The house was a completely different style from the Ray Kappe house, but I applied the same principles: I wanted it to be comfortable for the current home owner, but respectful of the house’s history. So I opened up the layout so that there was an ocean view from every room, created a clean white palette for the home owner’s colorful collection of pottery, while making sure the renovation was consistent with the house’s surf-y soul.

Have a project you’d like to talk about? I’d love to hear from you. Shoot me an email.

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